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My PayingAds Review 2017 – Updated and Ready for 2017

I did a review on My Paying Ads from the time they first started. Over a year later, after a bunch of bumps in the road, MPA has withstood the storm and come up with a solution to all the madness.
So gone are the days with Paypal and My Paying Ads is moving on. From what I thought to be another revenue sharing flop, it looks like Uday Nara has grabbed the bull by the horns and managed to keep this one alive. Good job Uday!
So for this updated review, I want to share with you all the changes that have been made, as well as how the overall site is doing.

MPA Review 2017 - My PayingAds Review 2017

Name: My Paying Ads

Owner: Uday Nara
Website: www.mypayingads.com
Price: Free to signup (signup here for free)
Overall Rating: 5/5 stars

Trust me, I am not the biggest revshare fan, but this one has done wonders in the past year. With a trusted admin and a legitimate new model, this is something you might want to consider.

Fresh New Look My Paying Ads Review 2017

I absolutely love how everything looks now. The overall site just feels nice and I now actually look forward to logging into my account now.
Before, there was nothing that made MPA stand out from the rest. they all looked the same and they all operated the same way. Now, they stand out from the crowd.
I mean, look at this. I have never thought of a revenue sharing program as a business until these guys got screwed over by PayPal and revamped the whole site.

Functional Website

The site works like a charm and doesn’t feel like one big advertisement of other revenue sharing programs.
There is no actual “clicking” on ads as the ads just run automatically. this gives you the chance to actually pay attention to the ad you are on and it gets your full attention.
Then you would have to match some pics to show you’ve viewed the ad and it automatically runs straight to the next ad.

Everything else is easy to find and access as well. Once you create your ad, purchasing ad packs is a breeze and you won’t ever have to create one again.

You Have to Create an Actual Ad

Another great feature, so there is no question about whether this is a scam or not. In order to purchase any ad packs, you will need to create an actual advertisement.
So if you have any questions about their digital product or are thinking about getting a refund, you will know that you just purchased something and not wonder about what you are getting anymore.

Adpacks Now Start at $5

Great idea once again Uday as this will simplify a lot of things. Unlike the $1 ad packs that we used to purchase, everything now starts at $5, which is a really good thing.
Then of course it will go up to as much as $50. The price per pack is a lot simpler now and each level is a lot easier to get to not like before when there were like 10 different levels.

  • Ad Pack Plan 1 – $5
  • Ad Pack Plan 2 – $10
  • Ad Pack Plan 3 – $25
  • Ad Pack Plan 4 – $50
Super simple and much more profitable than the old model and a lot easier to purchase as well. With all that said, there are still some bad that do come with this and every program, which you still need to understand.

Pros & Cons


  • Awesome new website
  • Commissions can only be used to repurchase
  • Better formula for the long haul
  • pays daily

  • Is still risky
  • Ads take 20 seconds to view
  • Still no guarantees
  • Unpredictable
  • Doesn’t accept Paypal

Is My Paying Ads a Scam in 2017 ?

It’s a very complicated thing to understand and the way money is made here can be a bit “scammy”, but with an amazing track record and a 100% trust from me, I’d have to say MPA is the real deal.
They have a product, there is no shady business going on, and this has been proven time and time again. This is not a scam, but something you still need to know more about before joining.
Understand what you are getting yourself into and this can be something that will bring in a couple of extra bucks when you least expect it.
To me, I find it actually amusing to get on and surf the site. Before it wasn’t as entertaining, but everything has a different feel to it now.

The Final Verdict: To Join or Not to Join?

Now is the best time to join. I have never been more confident in a revenue sharing program like I am with this one.
I used Paypal when they first started, but Paypal will no longer do business with any of these types of programs, but the owner has still managed to get this back up and running.
If you are looking to join any type of revenue sharing business, this is the one to join. Unlike the rest that you can already tell aren’t going to last, this is one that I know will go on for at least another 6 months. At least.
I hope this updated review of My Paying Ads has given you all the information you need about the new and updated site. What are your thoughts? Do you think this will last?

My Withdrawals:
(As you can see below I started MPA with $130 only. The amount was Transferred from Paypal to MPA-2 after Paypal fully released the frozen Funds. And so far I’ve withdrawn $1,880)


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